Sacred Places & Commercial

We engineer all of our projects to exact specifications using accurate shop drawings and field surveys.
All products are acquired from reputable domestic or international suppliers.
Our relationship with world leaders in stone fabrication enables us to provide a vast number of stone products for customer needs.

Sacred Places:

   Attention to detail and attention paid to the customer are required for work performed in sacred places. Many times our customers are buying stone for the first and only time. This requires patience and providing a thorough understanding so expectations are explained and then met.

   If your project is a baptismal font or cathedral finishes, we will work with you directly or through contractors.



   We are often asked to help with project budgets to ensure that the final bids are within budget and that the product is delivered on time. We are equipped

in-house or in the field for the fast pace of commercial construction.


Contact us for product information, references or a project quote. 

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Stone Division 


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The Twin City Tile and Marble Stone Division is the oldest active member of the Marble Institute of America, which is viewed by architects, owners and contractors as the leader in setting standards for the natural stone industry.