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Cover Your Face Update (April 17th)

TCTM Field update April 17, 2020 regarding Covid 19

This week we have received information from several contractors regarding face protection while on the jobsites. Some contractors are saying they are highly recommending the face covering and one contractor is saying face covering is mandatory. We anticipate this participation to wear face covering by direction from the GC will be in place next week on jobsites.

What does this mean for our field employees and office employees who visit jobsites:

  • - If you are working at a jobsite where face covering will be mandatory, please follow their guidelines and find some face covering that will work for you.

  • - If you are working at a jobsite where face covering is highly recommended, we are asking that you follow their guidelines and find some kind of face covering that will work.

  • - We are in the process of determining what face covering we can provide and when this will happen. This is not going away anytime soon so please be proactive in finding face covering for next week.

  • - Your input on letting us know what is working for you is highly appreciated.

  • - We will continue to use our limited supply of N95 masks for nuisance dust just as we always have before Covid 19.

Link from the CDC regarding face covering. Please take the time to look at this very important information.

We are all being affected, please remain vigilant as we get through this together.

Be safe,

Joe Becker


Twin City Tile and Marble Company

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